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Wire mesh is damaged too fast Solution

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Wire mesh is the collective name of metal and wire mesh. Wire mesh mainly refers to the wire processed from metal and non-metal materials; The net is made of silk and woven into nets of different shapes, densities and specifications according to the needs.

The vibration amplitude of wire mesh in clay accumulation is too small, so it is difficult to screen under the condition of polymer drilling fluid, which can not effectively overcome the viscous force of drilling cuttings, resulting in the accumulation of drilling cuttings on the screen and rapid damage to the screen.

Wire mesh is damaged too fast Solution:

1. Increase vibration amplitude

2. Wash the screen and drilling cuttings with sprayed water to reduce the viscosity of drilling cuttings.

3. Adjust the screen angle at the end of the sand discharge port downward, which is conducive to the discharge of rock cuttings by gravity, but may lead to slurry running.

4. Change the mesh of the screen or adjust the flow of the single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of the drilling fluid is close to the outlet of the screen, so that the drilling cuttings can be discharged smoothly under the lubrication of the drilling fluid.