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What are the effects of welding mesh?

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Welding mesh is very common in people's lives, such as decorative building welding mesh, heterosexual building welding mesh and guardrail building welding mesh, no matter which kind of welding mesh is widely used, what is the role of welding mesh briefly introduced below?

Everyone knows that there are many kinds of welding mesh, and the more common one is galvanized welding mesh. This mesh is made of high-quality steel wire using plating and welding technology. The main feature of this mesh is corrosion resistance and the structure is very strong and durable, and the appearance of the mesh is very good-looking and very popular. This kind of welding mesh is very popular.

Maybe some people will ask if the welding mesh is straight. In fact, there are curly and wavy electric welding mesh, also known as the Netherlands mesh, this is mainly due to the different needs of customers so that commodities in the design of a variety. This shows that the advantages of electric welding mesh are still many.