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Stainless steel special-shaped pieces case

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Stainless steel special-shaped pieces


Mesh is a building material used for coal mine protection, tunnel, bridge construction, roadbed mesh reinforcement and construction site.

Texture of material

Low carbon steel wire, galvanized zinc wire, hot-dip galvanized wire, and wire drawing.

surface treatment

Hot dip galvanizing, cold dip galvanizing, plastic spraying.

Mesh color

The color of mesh spray is usually dark green, grass green, yellow, white, blue, etc.

Net features

Mesh can be divided into welded mesh mesh, galvanized mesh and dipping plastic mesh. Welded mesh is most commonly used.

Classified according to material: stainless steel mesh and black wire mesh.

According to the use can be divided into: decorative mesh, profiled mesh, greenhouse seedbed wire mesh, fence mesh, construction mesh, etc.

The mesh with vitality is widely used in exhibition, sample rack and so on.


The welding is firm, the mesh is uniform, the web surface is flat, corrosion resistance, strength is strong, and the protection ability is strong.

Common specifications and uses of mesh

Mesh specification parameters

The common size of mesh is: 1X2m 1X3m 2X3m 1.5X2.5m; the common mesh is: 5X5cm 5X10cm 10X10cm 10X20cm


Ordinary mesh is used in the construction industry as the essential building materials for the slab mesh and partition mesh, wall mesh, roadbed steel mesh, hillside greening and soil spraying. The outer heating zinc plating can be used as a flower net and sea salt protection net in high salinity area. It can also be made into shelves, heavy goods shelves and so on.