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Stainless steel mesh case

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Stainless steel mesh is used for mechanical protection, industry, agriculture, architecture and so on. The stainless steel welding mesh produced by Xiguan Special-shaped Welding Net Factory is made of high quality stainless steel wire and welded by precision automatic machine. The mesh surface of the above products is smooth, the structure is strong, the integrity is strong, and the corrosion resistance is strong.

M m mesh length, m m mesh width, m mesh spacing, m m latitude spacing, m m 10 100--500 30--300 1--80.5--39 100--500 30--300 1--80.5--38 100--500 30--300 1--80.5--300 1--80.5--37 50--200 20--300 1--80.5--36 50--200 1--200 1--80.5--3550--200 1--200 10.5--200 1--200 1--3 notes: mesh longitude and latitude Distance can be adjusted arbitrarily.