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Used by Welded Mesh

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The use of Welded Mesh is very extensive, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Architecture and Civil Engineering. Welded Mesh is commonly used in the reinforcement of concrete structures in construction and civil engineering, such as crack prevention works for wall insulation, internal plastering hanging nets, etc.

Animal husbandry. Welded Mesh can serve as a fence for friends engaged in animal husbandry.

Expose crops to sunlight. The fence used by farmers when exposing their crops to sunlight is also a Welded Mesh, for example, used for storing corn.

Industrial protection. Welded Mesh can be used for machine protective covers, animal and animal fences, flower and wood fences, window guards, passage fences, etc.

Household items. Welded Mesh can be used to manufacture household items such as food baskets and paper baskets.

Decoration purposes. Welded Mesh has a smooth and regular mesh surface, which has a certain degree of ornamental value and can play a certain decorative role. It is often used in the decoration of industrial style restaurants and exhibition halls.

Agricultural use. Welded Mesh can be used for captive farming in households. Due to the use of low-carbon and excellent steel wire as the material, it has the flexibility that ordinary iron screens do not have, confirming its plasticity during use.

Other uses. Welded Mesh can also be used for car repairs, building decoration, shipbuilding, and other work.

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