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Gutter Guard Mesh Installation Precautions

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What precautions do Gutter Guard Mesh need to take during installation:

1. Do a good job in protecting the surrounding area of the foundation pit.

Because the installation of the Gutter Guard Mesh will excavate the foundation pit, in order to ensure safety, it is necessary to provide surrounding protection on the road structure within the reinforcement range of the foundation pit wellhead. In addition, the excavated soil should be isolated and piled up from the road surface, and cleaned up in a timely manner to avoid damaging the road structure around the wellhead.

2. Conduct masking maintenance.

After the wellhead of the Gutter Guard Mesh is covered up and built, it is necessary to immediately adopt protective maintenance measures for the wellhead. This is to prevent the occurrence of construction materials and other debris falling into the well, and also to prevent pedestrians from accidentally falling into the well and posing safety hazards.

3. Pay attention to safety around you.

If the Gutter Guard Mesh is installed on a slope, it is necessary to close traffic before the installation to ensure the smooth progress of construction, and to use fine aggregate concrete or asphalt in advance to smooth the slope around the Gutter Guard Mesh that is higher than the road surface.

4. Laying protective materials during concrete pouring.

The final task of the Gutter Guard Mesh device is to pour concrete, and in order to prevent cement slurry from polluting the road surface, protective materials should be pre laid. And cover up watering is used for maintenance, and protective measures are set up around it to prevent human damage to the concrete structure.